May 11, 2016

Dead Cat Motorcycles is the place to be in Copenhagen

in category Photography, Shop Visit

Dead Cat Motorcycles is the community garage you wished was near your neighborhood, so you could hang out every day after work. Located in Copenhagen, it’s definitely the place to go and talk about motorcycles and if you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll run in one of their barbeque events they throw every now and then. Their club has simple rules. Every two motorcycle ramps have a common tools shed, everybody chips in to buy commonly used goods such as wires etc. and when you use them, you pay up in beers. What’s not to love?! Everyday people are the heart of this Club. A cop, a dentist, a nurse, a Google guy, all hanging out and fiddling with their bikes, drinking beer and watching MotoGP. Before we went there, we were quite a bit skeptical on what to expect. MCs are sometimes not the place to be when you’re a tourist in a foreign city. But these doubts completely evaporated when we started talking to them. Friendly and more welcoming than your relatives on a Sunday lunch, we started talking and talking about Motorcycles and the scene in Denmark. We just wish we had more time to hang around in their awesome shop.

Cheers guys, till we meet again.